Computer Recycling

Computer Recycling

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Direct Imaging Supplies partner with some of the UK’s leading secure electrical waste disposal experts to provide a WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) and CESG (Communications-Electronics Security Group) compliant service.

In addition, we are able to maximise the value of your electrical equipment that would otherwise be scrapped. We provide you with competitive quotes and we’ll stick to that quote, as long as your equipment is as stated.

Why Recycle Your Computers with us?

IT Asset Management

We provide asset-management as standard via a bar-coding and tracking system to provide a full audit-trail for all IT equipment we collect. So you can rest assured that your equipment will be disposed of securely.

Safe, Secure IT Data Erasure and Destruction

  • Industry-leading secure erasure and destruction procedures
  • Full recording and traceability via secure bar-coding process
  • Level 3 hard drive wiping via CESG approved software
  • Fully documented and audited procedure using Kroll Ontrack software

olditequipmentUnlocking Value for Redundant IT Equipment

When your IT equipment becomes redundant, we can remove the hassle of disposal, whilst unlocking the value that still remains within the equipment. Our refurbishment and second-user networks run in parallel with our charity programme, which means that some of the poorest regions in the UK and overseas can benefit from donations of IT equipment. Our CSR policy is focused towards providing charitable donations wherever possible, it’s not only you who benefits from partnering with us.

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